The drop of elixir from the heavens tickled in

He is invading the skies with trumpet and clarion

Howling winds paved the way

The mighty monsoon’s  conquest has began .

Inundated fields, soggy feathers

Yells of the boatman from the banks


Nobody to cross the swollen river

Forsaken roads, puddles awaiting kids

A long sigh escaped, no paper boats

Even monsoon was deserted!

                                                                                                               Image courtesy: Internet.






Indian Summer

Hot summer day…

begins with the mundane monotony…

progress to fiery noon…

so aggressive …don’t dare to face his ire..

longer days for the sun…

poor earth! struggles to absolve his intense love..

the inferno of hot passion…









The Sun


The blazing sun has started his westward journey

Soon the coverlet of darkness will envelope my sky

What awaits me after this darkest night

Puzzles and vexed me with all its might.

The impartial witness,cherishing His realms

struggles through the thick dark clouds

Flashing and lashing the heavenly eyes

The pangs of your sobs echoed through out the skies.

Lost in this wilderness, a  lone shadow in this fief

Stands with full faith for the elixir of life.

Lo! in the faraway horizon you have risen

Spreading hope and life all again!

(Bindu Nair)


Awakened Eternally.


When you slept that eternal sleep

That serene smile adoring your face

How hard it was to convince myself

You won’t awake….Nay

You have awaken eternally…

You live through your kindly deeds

And through the ever blossoming memories…

Cancer be not proud.

(My father lost his fight against cancer on 28 Oct.2013)                                                                                                                                                                                      Image courtesy: Internet