The drop of elixir from the heavens tickled in

He is invading the skies with trumpet and clarion

Howling winds paved the way

The mighty monsoon’s  conquest has began .

Inundated fields, soggy feathers

Yells of the boatman from the banks


Nobody to cross the swollen river

Forsaken roads, puddles awaiting kids

A long sigh escaped, no paper boats

Even monsoon was deserted!



Image courtesy: Internet.





Published by

BN Musing

Teacher, mentor Loves to travel and read.

2 thoughts on “Monsoon”

  1. The rains were signs of happiness..happy tears rolling down while walking in earthern, mudly floded road those were the beautiful days. Miss the beauty of rain.
    May be we have grown up and moved to the materialistic and fake world


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